Prince of Persia The Arenas of Time Remake recovers to the same dubbing actor Yuri Lowenthal who praises Ubisoft s work

This is the filmography of Yuri Lowenthal.

Yuri Lowenthal, a dubbing actor mostly known for its role by Peter Parker in the Insomniac Games videogames, was also the protagonist actor of Prince of Persia: The Arenas of Time, the 2003 Ubisoft game. And it will be in the remake again.

In an interview in the USA Today, Lowenthal has remembered how he recorded the lines of him in the 2003 game and how he has recorded them at the 202x remake, getting rid of praise towards the new game.

Fue One of the biggest honors of my life, return to a paper that I liked so much and that I thought I already had in the rear-view mirror. That they would like to make a remake 15 years later and choose me, Instead of a younger and popular actor, it was all an honor.

About 20 years ago, Lowenthal recorded the lines of him for the game in just three or five sessions, but he did it in the same study as the companion of him, Joanna Wasick (Farah), which favored Chemistry between them.

For the remake, things have changed a lot, and now, in addition to his voice, he has participated in the capture of movements, along with Reminder Wraich, the new actress of Farah, and with An heap of actors who acted as if we were recording a movie or a work. I think that contributed something special to Remake.

At this time, I have had the opportunity to put on your shoes literally. I have been able to rewind the time and see if I could do better.

Yesterday, the Ubisoft team recalled that Prince of Persia the Arenas of time remake is still under development. The game is dated for the next fiscal year, in 2022 or early 2023, after long delays motivated by the feedback of the users.

Honely, I can not say more than good things about the experience, I love the new director, we could keep all the brilliant lines of Jordan Mechner and make them better for the game.

I hope that people can play at last. I know it has been a hard post-production, but I am very excited, Lowenthal said.

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Prince of Persia The Sands of time Remake is expected at some point in 2022, in PS4, Xbox One and PC, with an important face washing, as the fans harshly criticized the game graphics. And of course, we will listen to Yuri Lowenthal also in the sequel to Spider-Man, one of the most successful Sagas of PlayStation.