Sony gets serious and creates your brand to throw games to PC

How to Play Any PS4 Games On Your PC (Official)
While PlayStation 5 is harvesting success despite the lack of stock, Sony seems to have taken a course as to the exclusivity of its games. After the surprise of the arrival of God of War to PC and the possible landing of the second delivery after filtering several codes, everything seems to indicate that the Japanese company has decided to take out once and for all the vast majority of their games a Steam and Epic Games. The last track that has left us has been the change of branding your products on PC, going from being PlayStation Mobile who edits them to be PlayStation PC LLC.

It has been through the platform Steam where we have been able to see this brand change, which although it seems a simple curiosity could be a Sony address change to carry its exclusive to PC. Thus, little by little will be seen by this platform other deliveries that seemed to be exclusive as a person 5, the infamous saga or the long-awaited Bloodborne. Until now, Sagas unthinkable like that of kratos or Nathan Drake can be seen in all its splendor, so you do not have to close the door to any of these games.

However, you also have to keep in mind that in some exclusive games it is not Sony who has the last word. The clearest example is spiderman, which, in turn, we do not know exactly if the arrival of the spiderman is possible to Steam and Epic Games. Sony has not pronounced even about whether they have decided to move all their games little by little, but everything points to this will happen sooner or later for when it has been possible to get all the benefit in the console and want to share the experience to Users of another platform.