Epic Games Free game kidnaps you in a captivating nightmare

Every week, Epic Games gives you at least one game. This time horror fans are fully charged! However, you can only secure the game for a few days for free.

The Epic Games Store lures PC players with different advantages in the shop. In addition to exclusive games and great sales, visitors can also look forward to at least a new free game every week. Re-see is worth it, because now and then are real blockbusters or exciting insider tips. And best of charge: once downloaded, you can keep the games forever!

The current free game

DARQ: Complete Edition

Игра DARQ: Complete Edition раздаётся временно бесплатно на Epic Games

Darq is a psychological horror game where your puzzle has to solve to escape from a scary nightmare.

Lloyd is trapped in his dream, who quickly developed into a nightmare, from which he does not manage to escape alone. Help him to solve puzzles, to defy gravity and are refined to be not noticed from opponents in his proximity.

You can secure this game until November 4, 2021 at 17:00 for free.

DARQ at EPIC Games

The upcoming free game

Aven Colony

Aven Colony is a urban planning strategy game in which its light years from Earth removes a new home for humanity.

Aven Prime is a planet with deserts, tundres and jungles and it ensures that the first extrasolar settlement of humanity arises. In addition, you have to worry about the needs of the citizens, collect resources and help the colony to prosper.

You can download the coming free game from 4 November 2021 free. Then Epic Games changes the offer again.

AVEN Colony at Epic Games

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