Super Real and Hardy Gun Sim Receiver 2 Japanese Correspondence Loading cocking sold one by one carefully manipulated

The Very Best of Macy Gray is the first compilation of the greatest successes (but its fourth album in total) of the American singer of RNB / Soul Macy Gray, released in 2004 on the Epic Records label. It contains 8 titles of the first three albums of Macy Gray, plus two unpublished (the single Love Is Gonna Get You and the recovery of the song of Aerosmith of 1975, Walk This Way ), three remixes, three titles of Albums, and the title Demons, a collaboration with Fatboy Slim from their 2000 Halfway Between The Gutter and The Stars album that had never been included in one of its albums. This album does not succeed in attracting the attention of the public but nevertheless became a new album returning to the UK Top 40 for Gray, and ranked more or less well in other European countries.
On December 1, 2008, this album was reissued in the United Kingdom, including Winter Wonderland (which appeared at first on the artist s single sexual revolution, used in Marks & Spencer Christmas advertisements. Through the legal download on the Internet, this title reached the 79th place of single rankings in the United Kingdom on December 20, 2003.

Wolfire Games delivers updates to add Japanese to the handgun shim Receiver 2.

This work is a characteristic FPS that makes it easy for other FPSs, such as peaning, cocking, safety device cancellation, and resolve warrant.

A work that pursues reality, such as generating a gun that the gun is completely reproduced and the gun is fingered based on the gun s design and the material. In addition, ballistic simulation based on the reproduction data of the firing case that occurred in reality is advanced to the games for a sudden place.

In this update, in addition to adding settings and more detailed trigger weight systems, we also implemented three languages ​​including Japanese. Japanese subtitles are translated by UI, in-game text, and all tapes are translated, so they are familiar with your system and stories.

Receiver 2 is being delivered for PC (STeam).