Fortnite Hacivat and the rest of the filtered Skins of the patch 18 30

With this edition of Fortnitemar, Epic Games increases the rhythm of updates to a patch per week in Fortnite. New nightmare cosmetics are on the menu of the next few days! There are also relaunching in the archives that should make the community happy, including a new variant for the Hacivat Skin, which is one of the most wanted to date because of its green color. The arrival of this new variant should involve a return from the original Skin to the aspects store. Notice to collectors!

Skins and new variants


Collection tools

HUGE HUMANKIND PATCH UPDATE | Game Pace Fixes, Cultures & Techs Nerfed + New Features!
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Keep in mind that this is only filtering at the moment! There is no guarantee that all be published in the coming days. It may even be that Epic decides to delay or even cancel the launch of certain cosmetics.

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