Fortnite Epic Games reconconts that impostors is inspired by Among US

With the arrival of patch 18.20 of Fortnite Battle Royale, Epic Games hBattle Royale taken advantage of to clarify that, indeed, impostors is bBattle Royaleed on among us, The popular video game of hidden roles and social deduction of Innersloth. All this after the controversy caused during its launch, not to give credit to the small study video game. We tell you everything that hBattle Royale happened below (and we remind you that, currently, fortnite chapter 2 is at seBattle Royaleon 8 of its battle pBattle Royales ):

Fortnite: Epic Games Recognizes that impostors is bBattle Royaleed on AMONG US

At around 11:00 a.m. Tuesday, October 12, 2021, Epic Games published in Fortnite s official blog a short entry detailing several of the most important changes in the 18.20 patch of this video game, which wBattle Royale Launched this same day. However, in one of the changes relating to the impostore game mode (After this update the players can choose Role, and there is also a voice chat), A curious photo standing : The patch v18.20 brings improvement to impostors, the game mode inspired by Among US of Innersloth!. Or what is the same: Epic Games officially recognizes that impostors is inspired by Among US.

Epic Games Just Screwed Over Its Employees

Now, Epic Games recognizes that impostors is inspired by Among us. Fortnite fortniteseBattle Royaleon8 pic.twitter.com/aipttq0qk4

  • Rubén Martínez (@ruvenmb) October 12, 2021

Among Us did not invented the genre of hidden role games ; In this type of game and videogames, players must deduce which role each player exercises, and, bBattle Royaleed on these deductions, establishing an action course that benefits the role of our team. However, the similarities between Fortnite impostors and Among US itself raised ampoules between the community of the video game of Innersloth and among the developers themselves, especially considering the high volume of collaborations given in Fortnite Battle Royale. The ethical thing would have been some kind of mutually beneficial collaboration.

Like Game Mechanics Fine, Those Shouldn t Be Gatekept, But at The Very LeBattle Royalet Even Different Themes or Terminology Makes Things More Interesting? ????

  • Victoria Tran (But Spooky) ???? (@Thevtran) August 17, 2021

We Also Have Stock Contracts for Among US IP Usage! Just Battle Royalek and If You Follow Some BBattle Royaleic Rules It s Usually Fine. You too can have amogus in your videogame

  • Callum Uwunderwood (@devrellcallum) August 17, 2021

?????????????????????????????? pic.twitter.com/wteswqhjzd.

  • Gary Porter (@SupergaryDeluxe) August 17, 2021

We Didn t Patent The Among US Mechanics. I Do not Think That Leads To A Healthy Game Industry. IS IT Really That Hard To Put 10% More Effort Into Putting Your Own Spin On It Though?

  • puff (@puffballsunited) August 17, 2021

In the tubs inserted on this paragraph we have several of the reactions of several members of Innersloth (Among Us developers) before the announcement of impostors in Fortnite on August 17, 2021. A collaboration would have been good and are sad hours for Indies developers said Victoria Tran, director of the Among Us community.

We will have to see how Innersloth reacts before this recognition by Epic Games, although it is true that these statements have been of plugillo, with a simple prayer in a blog post relative to the notes From the fortnite patch, instead of an announcement of relevance.