Fortnite Epic Games probably thinks about a movie

Fortnite as a movie: This idea is currently looking for the developer studio Epic Games. As is the responsibility of a report of the magazine the information, the studio plays with the idea of ​​launching its own entertainment department. Its task would be among other things to expand the popular Fortnite brand to other areas, including the cinema screen.

The magazine relies on its report on several non-detailed sources, allegedly familiar with the plans. Epic Games had already involved some former executives of Lucasfilm at the beginning of this year, which could become active in the new entertainment department. Among other things, Jason McGatlin, who previously worked as a Vice President of Physical Production at Lucasfilm. For all Star-Wars movies that appeared at Disney, McGatlin acted as a producer, so he definitely has plenty of experience in the cinema segment. Lynn Bartsch and Chris Furia was also able to slip Epic Games from Lucasfilm, they would also be well suited for the entertainment department.

There is no longer a secret that Fortnite is well known (now € 37.95) beyond the gaming sector and also has touch points to other entertainment divisions. Thus, in August this year, a Rift Tour took place with the popular singer Ariana Grande. There were also several Crossover events with well-known film brands such as Birds of Prey, Star Wars and John Wick.

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What do you think about the idea about a fortnite movie? How should such a production look in your opinion? Let s know us in the comments!

Source: The Information

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Epic Games currently thinks about a movie from Fortnite. (2) [Source: Epic Games]

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