Fortnite Epic Games admits that the impressor

In August, the Epic Games team published its own variant of Among US in Fortnite. Two months later, the limited imposing mode continues to be in the game – and even regularly receives new updates from the developers. Meanwhile, Epic Games has now added that Among US served by InnerSloth as inspiration. At the start of the game mode, the creators of Among US were not mentioned nowhere – what caused great disappointment at the team.

Among other things, Among US was mentioned in the blog and on the Twitter account of Fortnite. In addition, it looks that InnerSloth is now also obtained the crossover that she liked so much so much. Even as EPIC Games had announced the high-stake mode, InnerSloth contacted the person responsible for a potential partnership between the two companies. An answer did not receive the Among US makers back then. Even a speaker of Epic Games did not want to comment on the topic.

Hochsteller in Fortnite (Buy Now 37.95 €) is played by ten participants – eight agents and two imposters. Both groups pursue different goals. While the agents have to fulfill several tasks, it is due to the imposters for chaos to ensure the entire crew at best. If an agent was eliminated, a meeting is proclaimed and discussed, who are the imposters. InnerLoth did not criticize the copy of the game mechanics of Among US, but rather the topic of imposing mode. Although Epic Games has exchanged the spaceship against a submarine, but already in the design of the playing card the similarities can be seen clearly.

Source: Epic Games

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