Polish Edengrad silently went to Nieby You will no longer buy games on Steam

Edengrad was the hero of news on the portal for some time. There is no wonder, after all, the Poles from Huckleberry Games were preparing quite promising, network Survivala in post-apo climates and elements of Sandbox. The whole promised to be interesting, but simply something did not work out – a bad start, financial problems, and then suspending further work on the game.

A light in the tunnel was the sale of shares. Developers Thanks to the issue of shares on the stock exchange, they were to gain 1.5 million zlotys. The money was to be allocated for the work on Edengrad, further development of the game and the implementation of a new operational strategy. In total, the funds acquired will be issued for the completion of this project and starting work on the new one.

However, the updates have not appeared, Edengrad has not been completed, and now in turn probably leaves to do not. However, it s quietly, because at the steam at this moment there are no information about it. Instead, the game can not be bought on the Valve platform. Is this the official end of Edengrad? Theoretically, yes, but in practice perhaps Huckleberry Games is preparing a great return in the form of a bicycle update with UNCHAINED or unleashed.

However, this is a unlikely option, because the developers have changed the name to Neurone Studio and currently deal with contract work as, for example, creating applications dealing with solar energy. Removing the possibility of buying Edengrad from Steama took place on the request of the game creators themselves, so we probably can talk about the official end of this project. And it would be a pity, something Polish would be useful, which is not a Gloria Victis or Broken Rank.