Epic Games eliminates a policy that offered alternate Friday and employees complain

Epic Games has ended a policy that offered its employees a free Friday from every two . The norm was temporarily raised as a result of the quarantines by the Coronavirus, and many employees are complaining, alluding that this rule helped them to reconcile their personal life, take care of their mental health, take care of their family and increase their family the productivity .

The rule meant to give as a free day a Friday every two weeks, a measure that always arose as something temporary, with the aim of giving its employees and subcontracted free days paid, as explained in Bloomberg .

In a survey conducted between 581 EPIC employees, 93% found it as something extremely beneficial , and almost 90% want it to be maintained. Epic is the best study in which I have worked, but I can not understand this decision .

61% said Feeling guilty to having to ask for free days , something that was relieved with these outfits alternate free.

The videogame industry is known for its long and sometimes inhuman working days, although timidly some studies are already adopting four-day work weeks, such as Eidos-Montréal , which has 600 employees.

It has also adopted it Young Horses , study behind the PlayStation Bugsnax game.

Epic Games employees also defend that while many have had to delay their games during the pandemic, Fortnite has continued to receive constant updates without delay, all with the Alternate FREE Fridays.

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The measure of Epic Games that have now eliminated is another example of how the pandemic is doing reevaluate the working conditions . Having to adapt to the teleworking revealed the difficulty of reconciling work and personal life, and the reduction of hours of day has been revalued.

Many companies are already studying how to adopt the 4-day work weeks , something that is also spreading in Spain, in companies such as unequal or telephone.