Chovy it s time you exceed the rubbing test

When the small naruto uzumaki began its way to become the next Hokage of the hidden village of the leaf, had to overcome a very interesting challenge and that all the strongest and strongest warriors had to do: The rubber tests . The concept is simple: Each student must snatch one of the 2 rattleshock to his teacher within a time limit. Since the teams are formed by three students, apparently one will always be returned to the academy, since they are only two rubbles.

However, it is a way to know if the team has the ability to work as a team : If you ignore the fact that there are only two rattles and decide to work as a team, they will be able to snatch the booms at their sensei , and in that way they will approve the three. The main objective is that the Jonin (lower Ninjas Range) who did this test will use it to determine the students deserved to be officially promoted to Genin, sending the most selfish Academy in case of a terrible performance .

All the ninjas who did this test, always they ended up being someone who would mark a before and after in the village : Group 7 of Kakashi with Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura; Also group 7 of Hiruzen Sarutobi made up of Orochimaru, Tsunade and Jiraiya ; And the Jiraiya group that we only know Minato Namikaze, Naruto s father. In all these cases, members have been the most important people of the place, arriving to defend the village with their life Show as the case of Minato and Hiruzen, who were also Hokages of the village and their faces are recorded in The rock of the same name.

It is here when we meet Jeong Chovy Ji-Hoon, the brightest diamond of all Korea next to Showmaker. Facing who has been an idol for the emerging players of the current Panorama of the LCK, Lee Faker Sang-Hyeok. When asked for him in his debut in the most prestigious league in the world, Chovy replied I have always wanted to know him since he was an amateur player. Faker is the player who takes more time at the top, so I m looking forward to play against him . Now, it is the time that Korea s promise has to use all his ingenuity to be able to get the booms of one of his senseis so that the demon king himself is assured that the future of the reign of him It is in good hands.

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But as we mentioned above, the test is not worth anything if your acts are individual . Chovy must play as a team, congeniar with the companions of him perform combinations with the most advanced as DEFT , which is one of those players who must shine next to midlaner to be decisive in the game. Faker will not come alone, since he also has fellow more than decent as they are GUMAYUSI or Canna.

This does not try to see who is the best, but about who best plays his letters and uses the game as a team in favor of him to get anxious booms. It is the perfect time for Chovy to shine, both individually and collectively, since it must be in a meeting as important as in the world when the rubbing test is definitive.

Since he was born competitively talking, Chovy always had on his back the Next Faker brand . Every year he has been questioned about whether he is worthy successor or whether Showmaker is better, but he has never lost a hint of work and sacrifice to become the best of all. The fate of him was to be Faker, but no one expected him could be the same instead of being the best version of a person idolatrated by all. He does not want to replace someone, he wants to be someone with his own name.

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