They Always Run Three armed bounty hunters are ready for use

On October 20, 2021, Alawar Premium has released the 2D platform They Always Run (from 15,11 € at Buy) for PC. The download of the space Western Via Epic Games Store costs 15.99 euros, while on Steam and GOG 16.79 euros will be due. In the game description it says: Since the demise of the Empire, the inhabitants of the galaxy are flooded by the crime. The ability to find everyone in any place has become a very valued ability. Aidan is a three-armed bounty hunter that is the most dangerous bounty hunter and hardly brave neck cutter of the galaxy to bring to the route.

Some headgards are rewarded with money, others with valuable information that can use Aidan to find the people who have brought him on this way – and all that he is involved in a galaxy conspiracy. With three arms, you can record it with more enemies at once and are a convincing argument in each melee. Use your third arm to carry out targeted attacks and throws, to manipulate the environment, destroy obstacles and destroy opponents.

Jage criminals at the edges of the galaxy, on the core worlds and in the ruins long sunken civilizations. Improve your equipment, get new skills, get stronger and destroy everything that makes you in the way. Enjoy a complex story, interwoven with rapid gameplay and full turns that meet as hard as the third arm of a bounty hunter!

Last updated video: Launch Trailer