Fortnite organizes the nightmare cup where you can earn rewards in limited time mode of hordes this weekend

Epic Games has already begun with Halloween events in Fortnite season 8, with the nightmare event and the wrath of the queen of the cube. And in addition to Battle Royale mode, you can play in fortnite to limited time Horde Stampede , available from October 19 and until November 2 at 14:00 CET .

In this mode, in an unpublished map , play with four-person squads against other hordes of zombies and monsters, a fully cooperative mode, PVE (player against environment) .

To reward the best squads, Epic Games will organize this weekend Nightmare Cup before the storm , the first tournament in a cooperative mode of Fortnite. Squadrones that best points get after playing five screens will get rewards.

These are the rewards that you can get according to the points (keep in mind that the rewards can take 3 weeks or more to reach all the players).

Load screen – 500 points
Iracundo Grafiti – 1000 points
Emoticon GG grotesque – 2000 points

When to participate? Between 07:00 from October 23 until 19:00 CEST on October 24th.

How to participate? You will have to play five games with your squad of three other friends (which can not be completed).

You can not participate again after playing five games with the same squadron, but you can join other squads to increase your score . Each combination of squad will count separately on the score.

Of course, players who are entitled to prize will only receive 1 of each category (for example, if you win 2000 points as members of 2 different squadrons, you will only receive 1 load screen, 1 Iracundo Graffiti and 1 GG grotesque emoticon).

In the Official Rules of the Tournament you will find more information. Most importantly, remember the dates. In Spanish, from the early time on Saturday, October 23 at 19 in the afternoon Peninsular Time on Sunday, October 24.

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