Limited time free Baby viewpoint horror ADV AMONG THE SLEEP

The free distribution of the Horror Adventure AMONG THE SLEEP-Enhanced Edition of KrillBite Studio Development was started for a limited time from 0 am on October 29, at the EPIC Games store.

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This game is a one-person perspective work to play as a two-year-old baby.

It is a unique play feeling, such as the movement of high-high or she walking, a unique play feeling, such as a vast house, a scared baby psychological depiction, and the reality of the day of the day I woke up is also a nightmare.

In the Distributed Enhanced Edition, video, performance, etc. are improved, new dialogs and backstage content etc. are recorded.

Once you get the procedure, you can play unlimitedly after the distribution period.

AMONG THE SLEEP-Enhanced Edition (Japanese compatible)

The next week s free delivery is scheduled for the puzzle adventure DARQ: Complete Edition to explore the nightmare.