God of War will leave on PC on January 14 2022

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Sony has announced that Steam and Epic Games Store for a price of € 49.99, and already has its own page in both digital stores. You can see the trailer of your ad about these lines.

In the announcement issued through the PlayStation blog, it shows us some relevant specifications about this new version of PC, and also take advantage to reveal that the PS4 game had sold 19.5 million copies from its departure until August 2021. About the Computer version, clarify from Santa Monica that its objective was to highlight the exceptional content that created the team and take advantage of the powerful hardware offered by the platform to create an exceptionally impressive and high-performance game version.

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To do this, they will unlock the frame rate per second and activate the resolution compatibility in 4K, also adding a wide range of graphic configurations . In addition, we know that you will have support for DLSS and reflex technologies of NVIDIA, to improve the rate of frames, create sharper images and get a better latency at the gameplay . It will also be compatible with screens ultra-wide and their controls will be customizable, with support for dualshock 4 and dualsense control natively, and will include digital content launched previously.

God of War will come out on PC on February 14, 2022, and will be available in both Steam and at the Epic Games Store .