Saturn 3 for

Saturn offers an offer in the voucher booklet, where you can buy three games for a total of only 49 euros. There are best prices.

The new Saturn prospectus has been published and there are numerous new offers. One of them is the perfect way to complete your game collection and buy one or the other top title from 2020 and formerly cheaper.

As long as the action is: The 3-for-49 Euro offer is valid until October 31, 2021 at 8 pm CET. In addition, the games are only available as far as stocks last. If a game is sold out, you can not use it for the deal anymore.

This is how the action works: Simply put three games from the action page in the shopping cart. There, the price is then automatically set to 49 euros by a suitable discount. You can combine games of all platforms and thus buy games for PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PC in the offer cheaper.

How good is the offer of action? There are some top titles that you receive much cheaper in combination with others. Overall, you can achieve new best prices. You pay only around 16,30 euros per game. Thus, almost every combination is a very good offer and usually for the respective game an best price. Especially with the games for PS5.

Saturn 3-for-49 euros

10 top games that you can buy in the offer

We picked you ten games that should not be missing in your collection. Combines three of them and you will receive them at the current best price.

These 10 games must not be missing in any collection:

Red Dead Redemption 2, PS4 (GP score: 96)
Watch Dogs Legion, PS5 (GP score: 79)
The Witcher 3 Goty, Xbox One (GP score: 87)

Subway Surfers Gameplay PC - BEST Games
Anno 1800, PC (GS score: 90)
The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor, PC (GS scan: 83)
Wolfenstein Triple Pack, PC (GS rating: 79 to 89 depending on part)
Kingdom Come Delivance, PS4 GP score: 76)
Hunt: Showdown, PS4 (GP score: 87)
Metro Exodus, Xbox One (GP score: 90)

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