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Valve officially has all the games and NFTs based on the blockchain technology, Steam banished. Any titles working with blockchain technology and offering the opportunity to buy or replace crypto currencies such as bitcoin or NFTs, are therefore prohibited. This means that games that use this technology are removed from the shop.

A short excursion: non-fungible tokens, short NFTs are always popular and recently made headlines. These are digital, tradable goods that can be Meme clips, but also skins in video games. Two properties are crucial: NFTs are not interchangeable and thanks to the blockchain have a clearly identifiable owner. That s exactly what makes them unique. Interestingly, the online role-playing game World of Warcraft is significantly responsible for the emergence of this exciting technology. Now back to the topic.

The Krypto-based Game Age of Rust of the SpacePirate developer is removed from the platform due to the prohibition. According to the studio, this reflects steams again that items may not possess equal value in the real world. He continues and regrets the decision Valves. SpacePirate is convinced that NFTs and the Blockchain are the future and therefore continue to invest in the technology.

While I m disappointed that Age of Rust is removed, I find it much worse that now all games based on the blockchain are removed. This is a setback for us all. , Such the developer via Twitter .

At the same time to ban by Steam, the platform EPIC Games is speaking. These welcome all developers of Krypto-based games. Founder and CEO Tim Sweeney expressed themselves in a Twitter Post and is looking forward to the innovations that bring these developers.

It remains to be seen if Steam has done a favor with this decision at the end of the day.

Source: Steam

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18.10.2021 at 11:41