Salt and sacrifice will take your dark fantasy fighting to PC as an exclusive Epic Games

It will have been the style of combat, the gloomy artistic section, the dark fantasy setting, aesthetics in 2D or a set of all of them. But, as far as the Salt and Sanctuary saga has been won enough adepts between the community, which has led to genuine joy by the announcement of its second installment, Salt and Sacrifice. A game that will continue with all the aforementioned aspects, but it will be distinguished from the first title by its exclusivity with Epic Games on PC.

Salt and sacrifice will reach PC, PS4 and PS5 at the beginning of 2022 In this way, the Tim Sweeney platform has been made with an expected game on the part of the community and will cling to it since its day of Departure , which will happen to early 2022 . An event that, even so, will be added to the premiere of the game on other platforms such as PS4 or PS5, although in computers have the exclusivity of Epic Games.

Therefore, PC players can only resort to this digital store to be able to immerse themselves in the Universe of Salt and Sacrifice, which will take us to the Alarstone kingdom through the feet of an inquisitor marked with the goal of ending with chaos Created by corrupt magicians. A continuation that will follow the wake of the first delivery with a tenebrous style and a 2D action system that will be complemented with novelties such as Cooperative mode .

Salt and Sacrifice has already desucted its weapons with an extensive gameplay in which we can see the keys of some fantastic battles that try to develop even more what has been seen in the first game. A pretension that we can discover thoroughly next year in the PlayStation and PC consoles, which will give this opportunity only to the users of the Epic Games Store.