These are our favorite co op

2021 is not yet truly no bad year for fans of co-op games. So we have already experienced with It Takes Two, a wash real masterpiece, have seen how Outrider is mutated surprisingly thanks Xbox Game Pass to the great success and could last in Back 4 Blood a little taste of Left 4 Dead 3 air.

Today we want to tell that co-op experiences personally the best of times for us were and currently still are. Including determined a few titles, which also connects her beautiful memories. As always interested to have us naturally burning what games you prefer gambled together with a friend inside.

Eleen had its most extraordinary co-op experience with Unravel 2

Eleen Reinke: That I m a huge fan of Left 4 Dead 2, and when I can count more hours ve put into this game, is probably no secret. Even today it is one of my favorite games. My best co-op experience I had but with a much smaller game that I ve played only once: Unravel the second

Unlike games like L4D2 or Monster Hunter World that I just love to get in involved and then make it even more fun with friends, I had to Unravel 2 for the first time feel that it is essential for the game, really with my co-op partners work together. Sure, Unravel 2 I can play alone and control then the two wool males, in their role I slip alternately. But in Co the game is a completely different experience. If I about creating a challenging Plattforming Passage and my co-op partner can pull because they do not make a jump (or vice versa), or for other wool males with my thread build a trampoline – then I really feel to play together instead of just side by side. Unravel 2 was for me what It Takes Two is for many others now: A co-op experience that is as personal as in almost any other game.

More co-favorites:

Left 4 Dead 2
Monster Hunter World

Dennis takes It Takes Two, the best-ever game in 2021

Dennis Michel: In a joint test with Tobi I ve already made no bones about what It Takes Two is a incredibly good co-op adventure: It Takes Two is probably the most fun, most creative and most diverse co-op game, I ve ever played. With a few months distance I can say stroking well . The game of the Hazelight I have ever played and so far my favorite to win GOTY 2021 the best co-op game.

Not a second of boredom, a fun and creative gameplay idea after another, and two figures that a stay after the credits still in memory. Do you like the detail-Pixar look, it does! You will not regret it.

More co-favorites:

\ – PUBG
\ – Portal 2
– Diablo 3

Linda loves Chaos in Overcooked 1 + 2

Linda Sprenger: I let no opportunity to emphasize how great I both Overcooked games find. If you do not know worums goes: In Overcooked we must work together under time pressure multi-cuisine – from sushi to Burrito – cook and serve them.

And just in couch co-op, the two skill games make a lot of fun. Because only when we (gently) to our Opposite the shoulder buff or mutually shout at us when the rice boil over while burning the bun in the oven, Overcooked reveals its true magic. Here the chaos is inevitable. I love it!

More co-favorites:

It Takes Two

Tobi had a blast with Sea of ​​Thieves

Tobias Veltin: Rares Pirate Adventure to play alone, I would recommend anyone seriously, because solo to sail through the secluded island landscape is barren incredibly in a short time. Together with like-minded people and banded together in a sworn pirates pile turns this impression at least 180 degrees, resulting in one of the most fun co-op experiences that you can currently do on consoles.

Top 15 BEST Co-op Indie Games

Many elements are deliberately designed to Koop, about the fact that on larger ships of every r a special role must, as does the wheel or on the sails and the treasure hunt just the team significantly more mood take over. And if the pure core gameplay but should get out hanging to his neck, thanks to the sandbox principle a number of their own co-op stories are possible. And you know a lot of games in which ye mutually shoot from cannons or maintained in a tavern one over the virtual thirst drink can? Sea of ​​Thieves is full of these small details and is also to be such a great co-op game.

More co-favorites:

Dead Space 3
It Takes Two
Gears of War

Rae fights with friends in Do not Starve Together to survive

Rae Grimm: For which co-op game my heart beats, depends very much on my current mood, although there is of course a whole list of all-times favorites, for which I always would take time. Away above it stands the great do not Starve Together, one of the best survival games of all time. Already the singleplayer version Do not Starve is fantastic, together with friends, the survival fight runs to high shapes – and is a multiple stressor.

For more people simultaneously means that more resources are needed and more coordinating to have a chance to have a chance. Personally, I m going on in this stress, but for new campsters can be overwhelming and exhausting. So it likes to come to tense situations in which things are told that you might not say (at this point again an official apology to Dennis I called highly useless . I have it in the situation So meant, but I should not have said it loudly. You may still like to play again!) Note by Dennis: In no case! But excuse accepted .

Other co-op favorites:

Destiny 2
Fallout 76
Left 4 Dead 2

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These were our favorite co-op games. But how do you look at you?