Treasures of the Aegean The Platformer inspired by Prince of Persia got a release date donated

With Treasures of the Aegean , Numskull Games Indie developers announced a new platform in the spring, which is intended to inspire both his setting and its oldschool mechanics.

Playfully, according to official information, Treasures of the Aegean sees itself as an action-rich platformer, who sometimes remind legendary classics such as Tomb Raider or the Prince of Persia series. Shortly before the weekend, the creators of Numskull Games donated the title a final release date and announced that Treasures of the Aegean from 11 November 2021 for the PC, the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 will be available.

What happened to the mino?

She slips into the role of the Parkour-Expert Marie Taylor and the treasure hunter James Andrew and, according to the developers, experiences a historical thriller, in which to the fate of the Minoer on the ground. Here we have to do it with a forgotten kingdom caught in a mysterious time loop. Now it s up to you to find out what it has with the time loop and the history of Minoer.

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Explore a beautiful, hand-drawn open world, discovering valuable relics, cartography a sunken island and collect new hints for each time loop to complete an ancient prophecy. With your adventure, solve the puzzles that have angry the old gods so that the story is not always repeating itself on a new one, it continues from the official side.

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