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Baldur s Gate: Enhanced Edition is a remake of the 1998 role-playing computer game Baldur s Gate, created by Overhaul Games, a department of Beamdog, and released by Atari. It was released for Microsoft Windows on November 28, 2012, with additional releases between December 2012, later released in November 2014, for iPad, OS X, Android as well as Linux and also most just recently for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, as well as Nintendo Activate October 15, 2019. The remake incorporates the original game, Baldur s Entrance, with its expansion Baldur s Gateway: Stories of the Sword Coastline, maintaining the original components from both (story, in-game areas, gameplay and personalities), while consisting of additions, a different arena journey entitled The Black Pits, as well as a number of renovations several of which were imported from Baldur s Gateway II: Shadows of Amn.
On March 31, 2016, a development was launched for the remake, Baldur s Gateway: Siege of Dragonspear, which concentrates on the occasions complying with the verdict of Baldur s Gate, that lead up to Baldur s Entrance II: Darkness of Amn.

The Epic Games Store calls the new free game for the coming week: From next Thursday you will receive free access to the full version of Among The Sleep in the Enhanced Edition. You will assure you the game gift from 21 October. The activation should be done as usual at 17 o clock. You then have time to link the PC full version for free with your account at the Epic Games Store for a week. If you did that until October 28, you can keep Among the Sleep permanently and play as often as you like – it remains forever in your EPIC account.

Stubbs The Zombie: Is FREE This Week On The Epic Game Store! (October 14th 2021)

In our previously integrated video, we take a look at the new free game in Epic Games Store and betrayed what awaits you at Among the Sleep. In the horror adventure you play in the ego perspective – and slips into the role of a two-year-old child. You wake up in the middle of the night through strange noises and tapst through the darkness. You are vulnerable and anxious, the title is not based on a combat system. Rather, Among The Sleep tries to create a horror experience through atmosphere and exploration. How to succeed, you will learn about only one click on our video.

Until the activation of Among The Sleep, you will find access to the contents of the current week. Currently, the Epic Games Store distributes both a Paladins package and the full version of Stubbs The Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse for free. The next free full version announces the store on October 21st.

From David Martin

15.10.2021 at 13:55