New World Server further down maintenance work on indefinite time extended

If you still want to return to the island of Aerneum today, we have bad news and recommend that you are looking for an alternative to spend the evenings. Because the maintenance work for the update 1.0.2 has long since exceeded the planned time of five hours.

Today at 12 o clock you drove down the servers and started to be ready to start in about five hours. Who put the egg clock at 5 pm, was unfortunately disappointed ten minutes before the end bitter: then one announced on Twitter that the maintenance work must be extended.

When is New World again online?

And indefinitely. Because the responsible persons not only did not provide a renewed assessment, but were aware of aware: Currently no ETA. ETA means Estimated Arrival Time in this context, which means literally translated expected arrival time . That one could not call them, simply and movingly mean that you have no concrete time in parate. The servers in the EU Central and US West are affected by the extended waiting time, with the latter since about 18:10 are online.

Twitter users are little surprised, but annoyed accordingly. It requires better servers or at least a larger time window to unnecessarily disappoint expectations. Despite the annoyance about the extended maintenance, however, you have to admit that of course, all players will benefit from the update. Finally, the numerous changes brings bug fixes and optimizations.

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Source: New World on Twitter

From Jonas Höger
13.10.2021 at 18:33