Digital Card Games The Best Games in Check

Card games accompany us people for hundreds of years. They are a practical way to drive the time on the go and organize small competitions together with friends. In times of digitization, however, our kind has changed significantly. Today, digital card games conquer the market and show a new potential that is far from exhausted. Games like Hearthstone even prove that card games can also prevail in the ESPORT scene. We look at the best games where virtual cards are at the table!

Online Vs. Offline

Of course, the biggest difference in virtual card games is the possibility to compete online against opponents from all over the world. Players can prove themselves on international leaderboards and challenge the most dangerous competitors to a round. Even real prices can be reconciled again and again. Anyone who qualifies in an escort discipline and participates in a tournament with prize money can even earn with his hobby. Real money can also be used in classic casino games such as poker or baccarat. In many online casinos, the card games include the best casino games with particularly high players. Users can compete against a KI or connect themselves to live play with real croupiers. If a card game is not fun anymore, you can quickly switch to the platforms to another game. Often, however, there are also a variety of different variants of the casino classics. But even on the PC or the mobile devices, there are card games played offline. It is usually not about a direct competition, instead, the cards are used as in the app series Reigns in alternative game modes. At Reigns: Game of Thrones, for example, greeting cards with different action strands left or right to make decisions in the game. An incorrect decision can already cost players to the throne, at the same time a good strategy can mean power over all Westeros. The game mechanism in which the cards are destroyed on one side recalls dating apps like Tinder and was inspired by it. Instead of the perfect date, however, allies are searched.

Popular card games in 2021


Digital card games are in 2021 fully trend. Responsible for this are mainly collective card games, to invest gamers a lot of time to gain a better deck while training their skills. The hype about collecting card games already started with the card game Magic – The Gathering, which is now also available in digital form. Meanwhile, other games have taken over the market. At the very beginning, of course, Hearthstone is still standing, which promises not only a lot of tension, but also one of the most important ESPORT disciplines is one. Players start with their own decks and have to beat the cards of the others in nerve-wracking maneuvers. The only drawback at the game: If you want to play with multiple decks, you have to reach very deep into the pocket, because with Hearthstone many parts of the game must be bought. The game Gwent has triggered a veritable hype when it appeared in the standalone version. The magical card game many already know as MiniGame from The Witcher, since 2018 there is Gwent as a collective card game. In this game a good strategy is unavoidable, because to win against other players is not easy. That s exactly this challenge is that many fans love so! A little change brings Faeria, in which players do not simply put their cards on the table, but in the form of a game board with honeycomb fields have to place strategically. The playing field reminds of the boarding classic the settlers of Catan, but users can collect their cards and create decks, as with other collection card matches. The combination obviously comes well with Gamern!

So that the card game tradition never becomes boring, card games will be reinvented again and again. Especially in digital form you will find now application. To the most popular games in card form count today online collection card games such as Gwent and Faeria, at the same time classic card games such as poker and baccarat are still played in the online casino. Thanks to the modern presentation and the practical format of the virtual versions, card games will probably be preserved for a long time. Which game is your favorite?