Call of Duty Warzone Cold War Gratis

The Season 6 is with Call of Duty Black Ops Cold and Warzone in full swing. Suitable for this the developers have published a new combat package to download the PlayStation player with an active subscription at PS Plus without additional costs. It is sufficient to call the PlayStation Store and to redeem the combat package Fuhrpark . As soon as you downloaded the content, you could be in Black Ops Cold and use Warzone. In the package, an epic operator skin for Kwan Song, an epic tactical rifle plan, an epic emblem and an epic accessory for wrist.

In addition, you will assure you with the combat package for Season 6 epic stickers and an epic business card. You also get a double XP token as usual for 60 minutes: as soon as you enable it, you will receive twice as many experience points in the matches as usual. NOTES: To be able to use the Song s operator skin in Warzone, your Black Ops has been cold.

Which content the great Season 6 update for Call of Duty Warzone and Black Ops Cold was played, you will learn from the link set. Warzone player rans the last time on Verdansk: After Season 6 is over. Then follows the Pacific Card, the Activision and Sled Hammer Games presented in the course of the Vanguard Announcement. A concrete date is not available so far. Call of Duty Vanguard is scheduled to market on 5 November. The release also starts the new anti-cheat system that presented Activision recently.

From David Martin
14.10.2021 at 14:52