Tribes of Midgard Fenrir is now DOOMHOWLER and WOLFMANCER

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The developers of Tribes of Midgard, the latest Viking coop roguelike of Norsphell Games, have released the Midsaga Update Wolf Saga and ringing on the second half of the current season. Particularly interesting for all the Vikings out there are the new versions of Sagaboss Fenrir: DoomHowler and WolfMancer.

DoomHowler and WolfManC

Both wolves look different and, of course, there are a wide variety of skills available. Wolfman, for example, is a master of magic and calls regularly in the fight allied wolves to his side – and not too short! And if Wolfcans falls below 50 percent of his life energy, he will bring on top of their most powerful allies into action: Sköll and Hati!

Dotomhowler s howling, on the other hand, is even more fatal when Fenrir s was already. And when DoomHowler falls below 50 percent of its life energy, then there is also magical projectiles in all directions in every howling. The solution for this problem: Be at Zack and deviates supple!

New Runes

The developers have promised new runes that complement the previous repertoire, and here they are! Five pieces have become finally. The ordinary Rune Life Loot ensures that defeated opponents have a 20 percent chance to drop a health-orb. The unusual Rune Björn AGHAST triggers an explosion very harmful to the opponent when reviving an ally.

Also unusual is the quality of making waves , which triggers a harmful shockwave when you lift your shield for three seconds. The rare Rune Storm Chaser ensures that comboacticles have a chance of five percent, spawn a targeted, magical ORB, which contributes to opponents and inflicts them thunder. And the epic Rune Bomb Voyage finally, after comboacticles with a chance of ten percent, a time bomb is sticking to the opponent exploding after a short time.

Further details on how to get the runes, which new starter kits there is what it has with Valhalloween and what else has done elsewhere, you will learn from the English patch Notes to Wolf Saga in Tribes of Midgard.

Fenrir variants

With our First Mid Saga Update Comes The Debut of Our Saga Boss Variant System. Now, When Starting A New World, There is a 50/50 Chance That You Will Encounter One of Two Fenrir Variations at the End of Your Saga Quest. Keep at Eye Out for Visual Differences in The Myth Lair Entrance and the Arena Itself to Foreshadow Which Version You ll be facing off Against. Lake Content Section Below for More Details.

New Challenge type

We ve Added Recurring Daily and Weekly Challenge Types That Can Be Completed for Continual Rewards, Search as Golden Horns and Season XP to Help Progress You Through The Season Rewards Track.


Wolfman fenrir

Sporting A Fresh Look, This New Fenrir Variant Never Fights Alone, for Hey is a Master of Magic … Wolf Magic! Throughout Your Encounter With Wolfman Fenrir, He Will Summon His Wolf Allies to Distract and Overwhelm You, in Addition to Attacking You Directly (He Fights Dirty). Should WolfmanCer Fenrir Be Reduced to 50% HP, He Will Call for Aid from His Most Trustworthy of Wolf Allies, The Gigantic and Deadly Sköll and Hati. Good luck!


The Wolf Formly Known Simply As Fenrir Has Taken Up The New Mantle of DoomHowler. Why? Well, BECAUSE HE s Honed His Signature Howl Ability to Be Even More Deadly (Doomful?). When Below The 50% HP Threshold, DoomHowler Fenrir wants Shoot Out Magical Projectiles in All Directions Every Time He Uses His Howl Ability. Stay Nimble and You Might Just Make It Through in One Piece.

New Challenges

To Accompany The Additions of New Challenge Types and The New Fenrir Variants, We ve Added A Multiutude of Challenges for Players to Complete and Earn Rewards from. BE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE CHALLENGES FROM THE PROGRESS TAB ON THE MAIN MENU TO LEA What We ve Added, Including:
New Saga Challenges – Take Down The Fenrir Variants by The Set Times to Earn Your Rewards!
New Daily and Weekly Challenges – Complete Thesis Regularly to Earn Extra Golden Horns and Large Amounts of Season XP!

New Runes

We have added 5 powerful new Runes for you to play around and experiment with. See below for their abilities and how to acquire them:
Life Loot [Common]: Defeated enemies have a 20% chance to generate [1] orb that grants 200 HP.
Unlocked by completing a new Saga Challenge
Björn Aghast [Uncommon]: Reviving an ally triggers an explosion that deals [high] physical damage.
Unlocked by completing a new Saga Challenge
Making Waves [Uncommon]: Shielding for 3 seconds triggers a shockwave that deals [medium] physical damage.
Unlocked with Golden Horns in the Shop
Storm Chaser [Rare]: Combo attacks have a 5% chance to generate [1] magical orb that seek out enemies, exploding for [medium] Thunder damage.
Unlocked by completing a new Saga Challenge
Bomb Voyage [Epic]: Combo attacks have a 10% chance to stick a timed bomb on an enemy that deals [medium] physical damage after a short delay.
Unlocked by completing a new Saga Challenge

New Starter Kits

We have added 3 Starter Kits to provide more options for changing up your strategies in Midgard. See below for their contents and how to acquire them:

Shield Offense Starter Kit [Common]: Equip this Starter Kit to begin a new World with Shivered Shield III x1 and Making Waves Rune x1.
Unlocked with Golden Horns in the Shop
Life Giver Starter Kit [Uncommon]: Equip this Starter Kit to begin a new World with Healing Brew x1 and Life Loot Rune x1.
Unlocked by completing a new Saga Challenge
Life & Death Starter Kit [Rare]: Equip this Starter Kit to begin a new World with Last Laugh Rune x1 and Björn Aghast Rune x1.
Unlocked by completing a new Saga Challenge

New Cosmetic Sets

V1.K1NG – Armor x5 and Equipment x5
Unlocked with Golden Horns in the Shop
Monkey King – Armor x5 and Equipment x5.
Unlocked with Platinum Coins in the Shop

New Pet

Cloud King – equal parts regal and mischievous, this monkey flies atop the clouds themselves.
Unlocked with Platinum Coins in the Shop

Valhalloween Event – October 12th to November 1st


Embracing the spooky season with axes held high, we ll be kicking off our first Festive event with Valhalloween! This celebration will start on October 12th, and everyone and everything from Valhalla, to the Village, to the Goblins (and even some Helthings) will be showing off a seasonal makeover. Keep an ear out for some Valhalloween themed music as well while on the Main Menu or when defending the Village at Night.

Festive Challenges

During the Valhalloween Event from October 12th to November 1st, there will be 3 Festive Challenges that can only be completed during this limited time event.
Complete these challenges to earn unique Valhalloween Content, see Valhalloween Content below for details.

Headstone Loot Chest

With Mid-Saga we ve added the ability to select your choice of Loot Chest to safeguard your inventory in the unfortunate event of your in-game demise.
Our first new Cosmetic Loot Chest is the Headstone Loot Chest, just in time for Valhalloween.
Unlocked by completing a Festive Challenge during Vahalloween

Valhalloween Cosmetics

Linnorm Costume: Armor x5 and Equipment x5
Unlocked with Golden Horns in the Shop
Headless Norseman: Armor x5 and Equipment x5
Unlocked with Golden Horns in the Shop
Werewolf: Armor x5 and Equipment x5
Unlocked with Platinum Coins in the Shop
Valhalloween Portrait
Unlocked by completing a Festive Challenge during Valhalloween

Valhalloween Pets

Little Stranger – this enigmatic little trick or treater just wants to make friends… or does it?
Unlocked by completing a Festive Challenge during Valhalloween
Fluffy Fang – an adorable little werewolf pup that s eager to explore Midgard.
Unlocked with Platinum Coins in the Shop

Gameplay Changes – Combat/Blessings Update

Armor System Update

We have globally Loot Chest Armor and Shields impact on mitigating damage to the player, affecting all tiers of Equipment. Due to this, the Defense rating on Armor, and any Runes or Blessings that further buff that Rating, will be more noticeable and do a better job of keeping you safe out there in Midgard.

Class Blessings


Ullr s Step: reduced the cooldown and added a stun effect.


Skaði s Spirit: now spawns 100% of the time, with a cooldown between uses, and continually taunts nearby enemies.
Bountiful Grasp: now doubles all Materials harvested regardless of source.
Pushing Limits: increased the knockback effect but only triggers on the final combo hit.


Reckless Roll: Now working as intended in that it does not affect the entire rolling animation. Added a visual cue to indicate the timing during the roll in which the Warrior is invincible.


Striking Fear: No longer affects weapon durability when triggered.
Wrath Unleashed: Adjusted the Blessing Tree layout so that this Blessing is more of a conscious decision for players if they want to expend their Wrath gauge for the explosion damage or not.


Shield Throw: Now correctly bounces up to 3 additional targets.
Combat Improvements
Pressing inputs before the end of Rolling, Bow aiming and Shield blocking animations now skips recovery and feels more responsive.
Blocking stance effect is now active immediately upon pressing the input, even if the animation is not finished.
Cooldowns of Class Spells are now always visible in the HUD.

Balance Changes:

Norsfell: We ve been monitoring the playstyles and emerging meta strategies from the Community since launch, and with the Mid-Saga update we wanted to empower players with a wider variety of suitable options to shake up that meta and add some more diversity to player builds. This included taking a look at some Runes that we felt were not strong enough on their own, leading to the game being harder than anticipated without the ideal Rune setup. The Rune changes below, coupled with the Armor System Update above, should allow for a wider variety of powerful builds to take on the dangers of Midgard with.

Rune Effects:

Einher-a-JAR: damage bonus changed from 50% to 75%
Blessed Hands: XP on Loot value changed from 300 to 400
Beyond Repair: discount value changed from 15% to 25%
Ire of Thór: damage buff changed from 10% to 15%
Lucky Loot: bonus changed from 15% to 20%
Viking Hoarder: bonus changed from 20% to 25%
Keeper of Souls: bonus changed from 20% to 25%
Explosive Finale: bonus changed from 10% to 15%
Rolling Thunder: damage changed from 200 to 300
Last Laugh: damage changed from 2000 to 3000
Demolition Viking: damage changed from 1000 to 2000
Björn Again: heal value changed from 1000 to 1750
Might of Mjölnir: damage changed from 100 to 200
Like a Dwarf: armor value bonus changed from 50 to 150
Coldblood: heal value changed from 50 to 75

Rune Rarities:

Demolition Viking: changed from Rare to Uncommon
Viking Hoarder: changed from Epic to Uncommon
Seiðr Weaver: changed from Rare to Epic
Soul Powered: changed from Uncommon to Epic
Nothing to Hide: changed from Uncommon to Rare


Legendary Weapons that do not require previous Weapon tiers in their Recipe have an increased Golden Horns Cost from 1 to 4 to make the resource investments more equal across Legendaries.
Norsfell: Worth noting that with the addition of Daily Challenges, players will have even more opportunities to earn Golden Horns on a regular basis for spending on Crafting, at the Golden Altar, or in the Shop.

QoL Changes

War Chest Loot

When players Abandon a Multiplayer game from within one, or take the Bifröst, their entire loot is automatically deposited into the War Chest and can be accessed by the remaining players. An Exit Alert message has also been added to clarify the manner of players exits and states that their Inventory has been transferred to the War Chest.

Explosive Jar Placement

When placing an Explosive Jar, it now appears behind the character instead of in front of it, allowing players to more easily set traps while fleeing the enemy.

Village Shrine

When at a Shrine and choosing your destination, pressing the CTRL (PC) / Triangle (PlayStation) button causes the cursor to center exactly on the Village Shrine to allow for faster teleporting home

Quest Board Organization

Quests listed in the Quest Board are now organized by difficulty, from easiest to hardest.

Bifröst Pop-Up

When exiting through the Bifröst, the default button selected is now Yes instead of No, allowing players to quickly leave the game and bank those rewards when time is nigh.

Screen Shake Toggle

Players can now toggle On (default) or Off this option from the Settings menu.

Waystone Activation

Players can also now choose if the activation for their Waystone is a Toggle (default) or a Hold input.

Loot Chest Angle

Loot Chests that spawn when a player s Viking dies will now spawn at a default 45 degree angle to ease visualization.

Accessories Tab

We ve reworked the Customize menu, adding an Accessories Tab to house the player s choice of Starter Kits, Pets, and now Loot Chests.

Notable Bug Fixes

We have pinpointed a number of issues affecting the performance of PS5 users. We ve made some changes that should result in a notable performance improvement and will continue to optimize all versions of Tribes of Midgard (jetzt kaufen 24,99 € ) with future updates to present the best looking, and best playing, experience possible.
Fixed an issue where level 50 players would only see their level as 49 in-game
Fixed some instances of players experiencing an infinite load at times of high latency
Fixed a number of instances in which Rune effects would not stack properly
… and many more improvements!

Known Issues Under Investigation

We are actively looking into an issue that affected ongoing Survival games by multiplying the enemy Jötunn s health bar to infinity and beyond. Starting a new World resolves this issue, but we are gathering insight from the community in an effort to resolve this issue as soon as possible.
We are looking into a rare issue of Worlds being generated in a broken state, with landmasses overlapping each other.

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